About Us

North Country Processing LLC was founded in 2013 by Michael Charls to bring small to medium businesses a fair and reliable source for credit card processing and other business services. 

We know and understand the importance of our small-town businesses. 95% of the businesses that we serve are owned by our community members who in turn are the lifeblood of our cities and towns. Especially Since 2020 it is more important to focus on being as local as you can be. Support local!

At NCP we only employ experienced agents. This allows us to be on top of anything that may come up. If you ever need help with a terminal or just have a general question you can always call you personal rep and they can help. If you have something more difficult, we will find the solution and bring it to you versus you waiting on hold for anything.

We also believe in transparency and being fair. You can see what our rates and fees are before you even contact us. We do not do leases or contracts. In most cases we do lifetime loaner terminals. You can use our equipment and the only thing we ask is that you return it if you cancel. Check out the section on credit card processing to see our rates and fees