Billy Howard

I started my career in merchant services in 2016 because I fell in love with the idea of selling a service that actually saves businesses money.  All my prior sales positions felt like there was a winner and a loser. I won because I got the sale and took money out of the house or business (in exchange for quality products or services, but still I took the money). 

When I found merchant services, I found a situation where businesses were already paying out money, and I could actually be the one to help them keep more of their own money.  For once, it truly was a win/win situation!  I get to make a living by helping business owners keep more of their own money than their old processor let them keep. 

I’ve been in love with this company ever since.  Working with Michael Charls, who is the most honest and ethical person I know in business, is a true honor, and serving my clients when they need it is a blessing.