Cash Discount

The Cash Discount Program is nothing new. We have been offering it since 2016 and it is more popular than ever. Cash Discounting is the best way for you to eliminate fees from taking cards. When you move over to the program you will eliminate up to 100% of all the fees.

If you have been considering switching to the program you’re not alone. In 2020 and after more and more business owners need to do something to cut costs. This is one of those ways. When you remove the fees from taking cards you immediately put it back to the bottom line.

Our Cash Discount Program is not the same as every other one. Since we have so much experience, we are able to get you as close to a net zero account as possible. We also do not charge any other fees besides our standard fees. This means you won’t pay annual or PCI fees unlike some of our competitors.

If you have questions or would like to see how this will benefit your business let us know.