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How Quick Can I Get My Funds?

Your funds are not held for any portion of time. They will be deposited as soon as they are ready. This does vary in time by when your machine is batched out. In most cases you will get your money next day but it can take up to 48 hours if your machine batches out after 6pm central time.

What is EMV?

EMV is the new standard in Credit Cards. They have a small chip on the front of the card and the cards need to be inserted into the terminal. You may have been told you need to update your terminal and that is true. You are strongly advised to update your terminal to take these cards. Your current terminal will continue to function for a year or some maybe even longer but if there is any fraud on an account you are responsible for it. If you have more questions check out it is a non-biased site that is a great resource. You can always call and ask us too.

Are My Rates Ever Going to Go Up?

As a practice the rates are never increased. We feel that what you sign up for is what you should get. Companies constantly raise rates because the salesperson sells the farm to get you on board at first. After you are locked into a contract they will raise your rates to make as much as possible until you switch. We know what we need to make on an account and what is fair to both parties. If we can’t do it we won’t hook you in and raise your fees just to make a quick buck.

Do You Help Me With Switching?

Yes! When you decide to become a customer we handle literally everything. We will program your terminal in house, in person or we will simply swap it out with a new working terminal. We also will contact your old company and cancel your old account once you are up and running and happy. If you are not absolutely satisfied we will even contact your old company and switch you back to them at no cost to you. We have never had to switch anyone, back but we will!

About Us

North Country Processing LLC is a consulting company specializing in business products and services. North Country Processing LLC is not a Merchant Service Provider.

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