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North Country Processing was initially born on July 18th of 2007. At first it was just one person who worked for a processing company as an independent rep. NCP was just a thought that would take many more years to become the company it would grow to be.


In 2013 NCP finally became an official business in the eyes of the public, out of a need to partner with better companies to bring better products at lower costs to our customers. NCP can now eliminate the middle man and take control of what matters most to our customers, service.


In 2009 NCP had grown to over 300 customers and was partnered with 3 processors. It was still in it’s infancy and only had one person as part of the company. The groundwork was being laid and there was a lot of learning being done. Soon NCP would have the knowledge and resources to start to become a factor in Minnesota.


In 2015 NCP went through a restructuring that opened up many more doors for our customers. Before 2015 NCP had exclusive contracts with vendors but the needs of our customers were outweighing our vendors so changes had to be made. Now NCP is available to offer all of the products and services our customers want and need under one roof.


By 2011 NCP was not only self sustained but it was also helping develop other processing companies and their reps. NCP had grown to service customers all across the Mid-West and manage reps in Minnesota and Wisconsin. NCP was also developing relationships with larger companies to expand the products and services it could bring to customers.


In 2016 NCP continues to grow at a rapid pace. We have expanded to cover the Mid-West and now have reps in 6 states. We have been able to negotiate lower costs for our customers without sacrificing anything. As we have grown we have still kept our customers as our first priority. All of our reps are trained to make sure they do things right the first time and to put their customers first.

About Us

North Country Processing LLC is a consulting company specializing in business products and services. North Country Processing LLC is not a Merchant Service Provider.

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