Marty Burns

I was in the retail business for 20 plus years as a manager, district manager and finally managing partner.  As the managing partner I was responsible for day to day operations.  One of the things I was responsible for was deciding who processed our credit and debit cards at our 9 stores.  So with that being around $250k a month it was a good account for which ever sales rep got my business.

So with that in mind I was having lunch with a local rep a very professional and polite person and she was pitching me her company.  During the meeting she said to me you know more about this business than I do!  I replied well I had better know a little bit about the credit card industry because it was my money being spent!  While I did not sign with her as she left she mentioned if I ever needed a job I could come to work in the credit card industry.  I did not think much of about it until a couple of years later when I was looking to get out of the retail grind.

At the time I decided to interview with credit card processing companies and was lucky enough to find a company that hired me.   I decided that I could use my retail experience combined with my knowledge of credit processing to be a good sales rep. I wanted the same good service good rates that stayed and state of the art machines!  Exactly what I was looking for as owner of retail business.

I meet Michael over the phone when he called me about coming work for him. He told me about NCP and his philosophy about the company. His thoughts matched my mine good and honest rates that never increased. High quality machines at a fair prices and most important honest and straight forward sales strategy.  That was 3 years ago and I am still here because Michael kept his word!