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NCP's Pricing is simple and clear cut. We believe in full disclosure of all our rates and fees. Unlike other processing companies we will give you our rates first!

For our traditional processing merchants

Retail Merchants

For our retail merchants we offer Interchange Plus .35% and .10 cents per transaction as a maximum rate and transaction fee. This is equal to $3.50 per every $1000 that you process. We cap our markups at .35% but, we are able to go lower than .35% based on the type of your business and your average tickets. We would like to review your business so that we can get you as low as we possibly can. In most cases we will be able to lower not only our rate but the transaction fee.

Card Not Present Merchant

For our merchants that process cards over the phone or internet we offer a wide variety of devices and gateways to take cards. We do have gateways that will integrate with your shopping cart and site. The pricing that we offer for your business is similar to our retail pricing. We offer Interchange Plus .40% and .05 cents per transaction as a maximum rate. We will tailor this to your business so that it fits what you do and again get as low as we can.

What we do charge

  • Monthly Fee – $15.00 per month
  • Interchange Rates – Passed through at cost
  • Card Assessment Costs – Passed through at cost
  • Pin Debit Costs – Passed through at cost
  • AVS Cost – .05 cents per instance
  • Batch Costs – .05 cents per instance
  • Chargeback Costs – $25.00 per instance
  • Retrieval Costs – $25.00 per instance
  • ACH Reject Costs – $30.00 per instance
  • Closure Costs – $30.00
  • Wireless Service Fee – $20.00 per month if needed.

What we don't charge

  • Annual PCI Compliance Fee – $0.00
  • Annual Service Fee – $0.00
  • Monthly Minimum – $0.00
  • Terminal Lease/Rental – $0.00
  • Merchant Club – $0.00
  • Monthly Maintenance – $0.00
  • Early Termination Fee – $0.00
  • Breach Assistance Fee – $0.00
  • Regulatory Fee – $0.00
  • PCI Monthly Fee – $0.00
  • Plus hundreds more!

Cash Discount Program

NCP's Cash Discount Program is the newest way to take cards. With our cash discount program you can eliminate up to 100% of the fees from taking cards! We provide the terminal and signage for your business at no cost and even help you set it up on site.

Pricing: $15/month

How it works

Our Cash Discount Program seems too good to be true, right?

Well it's not. We have all called to pay a bill over the phone and had to pay a service fee on top of our bill in the past to use our card. For the longest time that was only available for certain companies and now retail merchants can take advantage of it too!

We set your business up to add a service fee on each card that is processed and then collect the service fee from the customer. That enables you to eliminate your fees from taking cards. The service fee we collect is not done as a flat dollar amount but a percentage added to the transaction. In most cases the service fee is only a buck or two so it does not impact your customers or price you out of competition.

With this program we cover all of the charges from the cards you take and just charge a small monthly fee for the service. We also provide the terminal(s) for you at no cost and still have no contracts! If you find that this program just does not fit your business we can switch you over to a traditional account for no cost and we can at least meet or beat where you are at now with our great rates above!

About Us

North Country Processing LLC is a consulting company specializing in business products and services. North Country Processing LLC is not a Merchant Service Provider.

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