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Why All the Calls?! (Must Read)

Why All the Calls?! (Must Read)


So you’re getting all kinds of calls saying that you need to do something right? You’re not alone. This has become the way companies are approaching businesses these days. I will go over a few of the most common and shed some light on what they are actually saying.

We are a regulatory company:

First off there is no such thing. The Merchant Service Industry is not regulated by a company that is calling to gain your business. Visa could be considered the real regulatory company but they will never ask you for your statement or anything about how much you process and with who; they don’t care. This is a common way to get your interest and get your statement. These people sound like they are real but they are simply just a processing company trying to get your business.

We are a wholesaler:

Again, there is no such thing. Some people have made this their cornerstone in approaching people over the phone. The fact of it is there are no “wholesalers” in the industry. They may say that they pool hundreds or thousands of businesses into one portfolio to get you the best rate but their rates never change and they want a statement to show you what they can do. Why would they need a statement if all they are doing is pooling businesses? All Merchant Service companies pay the same Interchange Rates to Visa and MasterCard for your processing. They DO NOT and CAN NOT change due to a company being in a special group or bank.

We are direct:

This actually has a little ground to stand on. There are many direct processors out there. All it simply means is they are the actual processor and not an ISO of one. First Data is a great example of direct. They do all of their processing themselves. If you sign up with First Data you are direct. If you sign up with a sales office in Manhattan that is an ISO of First Data then you are not direct. Once you start getting further and further away from the actual processor then you are getting more and more of a markup because everyone needs a piece of the pie to make a living. If you are approached by a company saying this you should ask them who they are and who they process through. From there make sure you do your research on them before you send them anything! There are a thousand ways that companies have tried to gain your attention and your business over the phone. I could spend all day telling you about the ways business owners have gotten hooked into something they were promised was good and it is an absolute nightmare. Instead of that I will just leave you with some important things to consider and know about these calls. -Any company calling saying they are your company will have access to everything. They will never ask you to send them anything because they already have it! -No company is investigating your company for overcharging you. There is just no such thing. -Your account is not flagged. Again, this just does not happen in the way they are saying it is. -They are not a wholesaler or regulatory company. They are a competing processor who wants your business. -DO NOT believe them! No matter what they say you need to beware. All they want is to sign you up, get paid and run. They don’t have to deal with you anymore than that. Call the 800 number and try to get them to resolve a billing issue, it won’t happen. -Google it!!!! I can’t stress this enough. Google the company, read the reviews. This will tell you what others have experienced. -Finally, if you do decide that you want to give a company a shot make sure you get the full application and the rates and fees sent to you before you sign anything. Look them over and make sure they match the quote. Have other people look it over with you. A lot of the time the original quote doesn’t match what they want to sign you up at. As always NCP is here to help. Contact Us if you need help with these things.


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    Great company and our service rep is easy to get ahold of and takes care of any questions or issues we may have. Highly recommend!

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