Faryn Hall

Hello!  My name is Faryn.

I have lived in Minnesota my whole life and I have been all over the place as I love to travel around in my beautiful home state and enjoy the many lakes. I went to college for 6 years between SCTCC and SCSU and I graduated from Greenway High in 2005.

I have worked in healthcare since 2006 and am very much a people person so the switch to working with businesses that are local and getting to talk to people all day to help them with their business needs is amazing.

I love that I work for a company that takes pride in being honest and always available for our customers. I often like to visit some of the businesses we work with and hear nothing but great things about NCP and about how much we have save them and so I really take pride in this company. We love what we do here as a team.

We look forward to having you join the local company we take so much pride in and letting us benefit your business with a smile.