The Hybrid Program is a great program to start offsetting some of your costs. It gives your customers a way to pay with plastic without always being charged a fee to do so. If a customer pays with a credit card, they pay a fee. If they pay with a debit card you pay the fee.

We have many customers who want to get away from paying to take cards, but they do not want to upset customers. This is a great option for you if you’re one of those. You will pay 1.00% and .25 cents if they use a debit card. This should result in cutting your current bill as much as 75%.

The terminals that we use for this program will differentiate between a credit and debit card. They will automatically add the fee where it is needed and pass it through if it is not. This way you do not need to learn anything new. Just type in the amount and insert the card. We will do the rest. 

As with any of our programs there is a $15 monthly fee, and you may see the fees listed on the main Credit Card Processing page.