Michael Charls

I started my career in Merchant Services in 2007. At first, I was just looking for something new and a way to get out of a dead end job I was in. After going through a brief training session, I started meeting with business owners and really learned the industry and what I could do to help my customers the most.

For the first few years I was just an independent rep, but I learned a great deal about what companies were doing to gain customers and I didn’t like it. I decided very early in my career that I would be different. Unlike my competition I did not just sign people up and leave. If any of our customers or even customers of another company needed help or questions answered I would help them.

After 7 years in the industry, I decided to start my own company that would follow my morals and beliefs. Now I run a successful, growing company of like-minded people that put our customers first. We are 100% committed to changing the face of this industry and have done an excellent job doing it.